Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Green Kishek


Green Kishek is Syrian -Lebanese recipe I stumble on almost 2 yrs ago

It’s basically bulgur soaked in goat milk or butter milk or yogurt with salt in 2 days then mixed with herbs and walnut and olive oil

It tastes between cheese and sour lebneh so if you want to try the recipe and you don’t have time to make the actual kishek or your supermarket don’t sell any ready kishek ,go ahead make this recipe with sour labneh or feta cheese mix with yogurt or sour cream


For kishek

¼ cup fine bulgur

1 cup yogurt/ goat milk/ buttermilk

Salt to taste

Wash the bulgur then mixed it with any kind of dairy you use leave it in the fridge for 2 days ( stir occasionally)  .. burgul  will soak all the liquid

Remaining ingredient ( you can add more or less to your taste)

 ½ cup crushed walnut

¼ cup minced mint leaves

¼ cup minced parsley

¼ cup spring onion minced

2 table spoon fresh thyme or oregano

¼ cup olive oil

Red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper to taste


Mix all the ingredient with kishek .. eat it with pita bread and cup of tea